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Model #:EV3420

Dirt Devil EV3420 Lidar Robot Vacuum

Dirt Devil EV3420 Lidar Robot Vacuum

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Product Highlights

  • Intelligent Navigation with 360 LIDAR Technology Mapping scans your home to create accurate cleaning zones and virtual boundaries.
  • Smart Connectivity - Seamless integration with home Wi-Fi network and mobile app for automatic operation or a customized routine that suits your lifestyle.
  • Super Suction Power: Equipped with 4,000pa suction power with 3 speeds and carpet boost to pick up dust, dirt, pet hair, and more.
  • Auto Recharge: The Smart Robot Vacuum automatically returns to its charging dock when the cleaning session is complete. Up to 180 minutes of run time.
  • Pet & User Friendly: Accurate obstacle avoidance and anti-drop sensors keep the robot vacuum on track to clean where you want it to clean and stay away from no-go zones.
  • Multi-surface Driving Wheels: Easily transition from multiple hard floor surfaces to low-pile carpeting and accent rugs.
  • Slim Design for Maximum Reach: The sleek and low-profile design allows the Smart Robot Vacuum to easily maneuver under and around furniture and tight spaces.
  • Effortless Maintenance: High-performance filter and easy-to-empty dust bin keep the Smart Robot Vacuum efficient for daily floor care maintenance. New.

Product Description

Experience a superior clean with the Dirt Devil Smart Robot Vacuum! This isn't just a vacuum – it's your intelligent cleaning sidekick. The vacuum is built with advanced LIDAR technology that maps your home with precision, ensuring every nook and cranny is spotless. Smart enough to adapt to your home's layout, it glides around obstacles with ease. What's more, you can customize your cleaning routine from anywhere using our handy Wi-Fi-enabled mobile app. Need a truly hands-free cleaning solution? The Dirt Devil Smart Robot optimizes its path for the best cleaning results and even heads back to the charging station on its own. And, it's budget-friendly too! The Dirt Devil EV3420 Robot Vacuum is perfect for any floor plan and excels at removing pet hair and spot cleaning. Try it, brand new.

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