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Model #:BD45000CK1

Broom Vac + Grab & Go Bundle

Broom Vac + Grab & Go Bundle

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Product Description

Broom Vac

The Dirt Devil Broom Vac allows you to sweep and vacuum wherever the mess takes you without the hassle of a cord. The lightweight design and easy maneuverability ensure cleaning in tight spots is as easy as the cleanup at the end of the job - a simple one-touch button eliminates the need for a dustpan or bending over to cleanup. Easy to use and easy to store, the Dirt Devil Broom Vac even comes with a wall mount for convenient, hassle-free storage.

Grab & Go Cordless Hand Vacuum

The ideal companion for quick pick-ups around the home, this cordless hand vacuum is lightweight and compact. With a small but powerful charging stand, the Grab & Go+ Hand Vacuum is always ready for any unexpected dry mess or accident.

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How often should I clean the filter?

You should clean your filter around once a month but may be more often depending on how frequently the vacuum is used. After cleaning the filter, always leave it to dry for at least 24 hours. You must ensure it's completely dry before reassembling. We recommend following the cleaning instructions and cleaning by hand. The filter is not suitable for dishwasher use.

How often should I empty the dirt cup?

For optimal performance, the dirt cup should be emptied each time you vacuum and when the dirt cup appears full

How can I optimize runtime?

If you are noticing that your battery runtime is low, we recommend charging your battery after every use so that it is fully charged when needed. For bigger jobs, we suggest sweeping your debris into a pile and then powering the Broom Vac for collection. If the battery run time is still a problem, please reach out to the Dirt Devil Customer Service Team.

What is Dirt Devil’s warranty policy?

The Broom Vac comes with a 2 year limited warranty.

How many modes does Broom Vac have?

Broom Vac has 1 modes of suction. Simply press the power button once to turn it on and once more to turn if off.

What floor types can I use the Broom Vac on?

Like a traditional broom, the broom vac is only recommended for hard surfaces.

Trouble installing the dirt cup; won't stay on

Make sure the tabs on the vacuum housing are fully aligned with the slots on the dirt cup and then twist to lock into place. The dirt cup release button should line up with the Dirt Devil logo.

Cleaning the separator

The Broom Vac features a bottom release dirt cup and a fully removable separator. We recommended regular cleaning of the separator for sustained performance. Simply detach the dirt cup and pull out the separator. Wipe with a clean cloth to remove any stuck on debris.

Broom Vac doesn’t seem to be picking up any debris/reduced suction

Check that the dirt cup is correctly installed onto the vacuum housing; clean the filter; clean the screen in the separator; check the inlet on the brush head for clogs.

How long does the Broom Vac take to charge?

The Broom Vac will fully charge in under 5 hours.

What do I do when the bristles have worn down?

The Broom Vac features a replaceable brush head. Reach out to the Dirt Devil customer service team to order a replacement.