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Embrace Detachment with the Dirt Devil Lift + Go

Tuesday, January 13, 2015
In many circumstances, psychological detachment is a bad thing. But Dirt Devil asks: Is it a bad thing when cleaning?

In an innovative leap, Dirt Devil’s crack team of engineers have made it easier than ever to detach from the act of cleaning your home with the new Lift + Go lift away vacuum.

The revolution in cleaning comes thanks to a detachable canister, which conveniently lifts away from the cleaning nozzle base to be carried anywhere in the home. Paired with an on-demand cleaning wand, a 10 foot extendable hose and 30 feet of cord, reaching even the once most difficult spaces suddenly becomes so easy and intuitive that the mind is free to drift where it wants.

Attach the unique Vac + Dust floor tool with Swipes and detach from your cleaning concerns. You can consider ways to improve your home town professional baseball league line-up while tackling the daily breakfast mess.

Add the above floor cleaning tool and capture the grime on once unreachable high shelves and fan blades while daydreaming about your next tropical vacation.

Continue to dream your way up the stairs while you clean with the powerful turbo-tool. Look at that! You’ve reached the top step! How did you ever get there so quickly? Now what’s for lunch?

And while it’s a perfect solution to the troubling questions behind many cleaning dilemmas as you carry it through the home, the detachable canister rejoins the base to become an incredibly powerful upright that can take on everyday vacuuming with ease. What’s to think about really?

You must remain present for most things in life: work, commuting to work, waterskiing, operating heavy machinery. But with the new Dirt Devil Lift + Go it’s okay to detach from the drudgery of cleaning. In fact, it’s encouraged.

Except by the lawyers. The lawyers want you to pay close attention while you vacuum.

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