Extension Wand

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Extension Wand - 1JC0245600

Extension Wand
  • Extension Wand
  • End
  • End
Fits these and other similar uprights: Ultra Swivel Glide, Vision Wide Glide, Envision Uprights, Ultra Vision, Ultra Vision Turbo, Vision Self Propelled, Vision Kinetix, Dynamo Upright, Reaction (all). M086010, M086700, M086700W, M086700WCA, M086710, M086715, M086715CA, M087300, M087300CA, M087305, M087305CA, M087400, M087500, M087500CA, M087600B, M087700, M087800, M087800CA, M087800W, M087900, M087900CA, M087900QVC, M087900SV, M088300, M088300B, M088300CA, M088300GC, M088300SC, M088400, M088400B, M088400B-1, M088400BK, M088450B, M088450B-1, M088700, M088700B, M088705, UD40280, M088800, M088900, M088905, M088915V, M088920, M088925V, M088990HD, M110000, M110000HD, M110000Q, M110002, M110005, M110006, M110008, M110009, M110020, M110020CA, MRY6100, R086700, R087800, R088300, UD40180, UD40180RED.

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