Model # 3700148001

Type C Deluxe (10 Pack)

Type C Deluxe (10 Pack)

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Genuine Type C upright bags. Ideal for allergy sufferers - traps up to 99% of dust and allergens. Includes 10 per pack. Also available in Microfresh.

Part number 3700148001 is compatible with models M7230, M7150CA, M8470, M088305, M8232, M088200, M8200, M8260, M8301, M7190, M8770, M7100, M7470, M8221, MDU8120, M8300, M8101, M8213, M8790, M088210, M8201, M7210, M7232, M8170, MDU8320, M8505, M7180, M7199, M7205, M7300, M8490, M7211, M8501, M7261CA, M8100, M7200, M8332CA, M7170, M7220, M7221, M7270.

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