Compact, Portable Spot Scrubber Makes Stains Disappear

Spot Scrubber

Compact, Portable Spot Scrubber Makes Stains Disappear

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Warranty: Parts 2 Year(s) Motor 2 Year(s)

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    • Over 60% more Power!* than the original Dirt Devil Spot Scrubber. *Power defined by motor amps.
    • Powerful Suction: Removes spills, spots, and stains quickly.
    • Versatile: Great for use on carpets, upholstery, stairs and cars.
    • Superior Cleaning: Rotating power brush for deep, effective cleaning.
    • Dirt Devil Cleaning Solution: Trial Size Included.
    • 2 year warranty.

  1. Cord Length 16 Feet
    Bagless Yes
    Motor Amps 2.5 Amps
    Dry Nozzle Brush Type Turbo Air Driven Brushroll
    Nozzle Width 4 Inches
    Clean Water Capacity 8.96 Ounce(s)
    Dirty Water Capacity 12.8 Ounce(s)
    Product Weight 4.5 Pounds
  2.   Item Category Price Quantity
    Brush 2280700000
    Fasteners $6.20
    Clean Water Tank with Cap 2280102000
    Clean Water Tank with Cap
    Plastic Parts $32.76
    Inlet Tube Assembly 2280507000
    Inlet Tube Assembly
    Plastic Parts $10.92
    Latch 1280125B00
    Plastic Parts $0.50
    Foam Filter 1280075600
    Foam Filter
    Seals/Gaskets/Tubing $2.24
    Nla  Switch Seal 1280155000
    Nla Switch Seal
    Nla "Nut, Motor" 1280270000
    Nla "Nut, Motor"
    Nla "Washer, Motor" 1280260000
    Nla "Washer, Motor"
    Wbd "Spring, Cwt Latch" 1280127000
    Wbd "Spring, Cwt Latch"
    Cap Assembly, Clean Water Tank 2280130000
    Cap Assembly, Clean Water Tank
    Plastic Parts
    Nla Switch 1280150100
    Nla Switch
    Plastic Parts
    Nla "Knob, Turbine Valve" 1280085Y00
    Nla "Knob, Turbine Valve"
    Plastic Parts
    Drain Cap Assembly 2280330000
    Drain Cap Assembly
    Plastic Parts
    Nla  Housing 9280045W00
    Nla Housing
    Plastic Parts
    Wbd  Assembly 2280024600
    Wbd Assembly
    Plastic Parts
    Nla Turbine Housing  Assembly 2280603000
    Nla Turbine Housing Assembly
    Plastic Parts
    Dirt Water Tank 9280302000
    Dirt Water Tank
    Plastic Parts
    Cord Assembly W/Alci 2280336000
    Cord Assembly W/Alci
    Power Cords
    Nla "Gasket, Dwt/Turbine" 1280315000
    Nla "Gasket, Dwt/Turbine"
    Nla "Gasket, Motor Housing" 1280037000
    Nla "Gasket, Motor Housing"
  3. Warranty

    Parts 2 Year(s) Motor 2 Year(s)


    There is more than one manual associated with this cleaner. Please check your MFG/FABRICATION CODE on the data label of your cleaner. You can find the data label on the lower back or underside of your cleaner. The middle two numbers represent the year in which your cleaner was manufactured. For example, you may see a code such as A11B. In this case, 2011 would be the year your model was manufactured.

    Select the manual revision closest to the year your model was manufactured. If there is no date or you are unsure, select the most recent manual revision or call customer service at (800) 321-1134 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. EST Monday - Friday or Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. EST.

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    Compact, Portable Spot Scrubber Makes Stains Disappear

    Sale $29.99