Powerful Two Suction Nozzles for Drier, Cleaner Carpet

Platinum Force Shampooer

Two suction nozzles remove water for a drier, cleaner carpet.



Warranty: Parts 2 Year(s) Motor 2 Year(s)

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  1. The Platinum Force™ carpet shampooer has two suction nozzles, not just one like other shampooers. That means dirty water never has a chance to soak into your carpet. The ending result is a drier, cleaner carpet.

    • Platinum Force has two revolving brushes that rotate in opposite directions so your carpet gets cleaned from all sides.
    • Switches in the handle turn the power, soap dispenser, and revolving brushes on and off with the touch of a finger.
    • An exclusive triple tank design makes the Platinum Force shampooer not only easier to use, but by allowing you to rinse your carpet after cleaning, also helps you keep your carpet cleaner, longer.
    • Platinum Force has a separate soap dispenser that automatically measures the correct amount of soap and mixes it with clean water, so there's no more guessing about the right amount to use.
    • Because the soap is separate from the clean water, you can turn the soap dispenser off to rinse the carpet you''ve just shampooed. A clean water rinse removes sticky soap residue that can attract new dirt more quickly, and it''s easy to do with Platinum Force.
    • The separate clean and dirty water tanks are easy to fill and empty, making it easier to set-up before cleaning and faster to clean-up after you're done. Plus, Platinum Force's dirty water reservoir is larger so you don't have to waste time running back and forth frequently to empty it.

  2. Brushroll Shutoff No
    Cord Length 25 Feet
    Bagless Yes
    Filtration Features Replaceable
    Hose Length 8 Feet
    Hose Type Blow Molded
    Motor Amps 7 Amps
    Dry Nozzle Brush Type Motorized Brushroll
    Nozzle Width 12 Inches
    Assembly Required Screw Driver
    Belt Type Style 5
    Clean Water Capacity 1 Gallon(s)
    Dirty Water Capacity 1 Gallon(s)
    Product Weight 23.75 Pounds
  3.   Item Category Price Quantity
    Style 4/5 Belt (2 Pack) 3720310001
    Style 4/5 Belt (2 Pack)
    Belts $4.48
    Carpet & Rug Shampoo 64 oz. 1700912044
    Carpet & Rug Shampoo 64 oz.
    Cleaning Solution $19.40
    Pet Stain & Odor Remover 3115360000
    Pet Stain & Odor Remover
    Cleaning Solution $8.41
    Clean Water Tank 2790701000
    Clean Water Tank
    Plastic Parts $51.57
    Nozzle Tool Assembly 2771600600
    Nozzle Tool Assembly
    Plastic Parts $18.81
    Hose Caddy 1790845B00
    Hose Caddy
    Plastic Parts $3.98
    Soap Tank Assy 2790750AF0
    Soap Tank Assy
    Plastic Parts $3.64
    Dwt Filter Assy 2790537600
    Dwt Filter Assy
    Plastic Parts $2.24
    Clean Water Tank Cap Assembly 2790710700
    Clean Water Tank Cap Assembly
    Plastic Parts $1.71
    Hose Clip 1660156000
    Hose Clip
    Plastic Parts $1.47
    Cord Hook 540611001
    Cord Hook
    Plastic Parts $0.29
    Dwt - Filter Gasket 1790538000
    Dwt - Filter Gasket
    Seals/Gaskets/Tubing $2.91
    Hose Clip Right 1790607B00
    Hose Clip Right
    Brush Assembly - Platinum/Procision 2790420000
    Brush Assembly - Platinum/Procision
    Agitator Brushes And Bristles
    Spray Bar - Assy 2790171600
    Spray Bar - Assy
    Agitator Brushes And Bristles
    Hose - Platinum Force 2791103000
    Hose - Platinum Force
    Dirty Water Tank 2790510Q00
    Dirty Water Tank
    Plastic Parts
    Hose Assembly 2VC1005000
    Hose Assembly
    Plastic Parts
    Dwt - Cap Assy 2790505Q00
    Dwt - Cap Assy
    Plastic Parts
    Low Pressure Valve 1790330000
    Low Pressure Valve
    Plastic Parts
    Lower Handle Assy 2790600000
    Lower Handle Assy
    Plastic Parts
    Pump - Low Pressure 1790300000
    Pump - Low Pressure
    Plastic Parts
    Lower Handle - Handle Release 1790660B00
    Lower Handle - Handle Release
    Plastic Parts
    Soap Tank - Pick Up Tube Oriface 1790757000
    Soap Tank - Pick Up Tube Oriface
    Plastic Parts
  4. Warranty

    Parts 2 Year(s) Motor 2 Year(s)


    There is more than one manual associated with this cleaner. Please check your MFG/FABRICATION CODE on the data label of your cleaner. You can find the data label on the lower back or underside of your cleaner. The middle two numbers represent the year in which your cleaner was manufactured. For example, you may see a code such as A11B. In this case, 2011 would be the year your model was manufactured.

    Select the manual revision closest to the year your model was manufactured. If there is no date or you are unsure, select the most recent manual revision or call customer service at (800) 321-1134 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. EST Monday - Friday.

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