Powerful Whole House Cleaner Convenient for Everyday Spills

Featherlite Carpet Cleaner

Powerful Whole House Cleaner Convenient for Everyday Spills



Warranty: Parts 2 Year(s) Motor 2 Year(s)

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  1. Make carpet cleaning easy and effective with the Dirt Devil Featherlite Carpet Shampooer.

    • Featherlite® design – makes it lightweight and easy to carry from room to room or up and down stairs
    • Gently cleans carpets with 5 rows of brushes located in the nozzle
    • Powerful vacuum quickly dries carpets by sucking up excess water
    • Large solution reservoir (1 gallon) makes cleaning faster with fewer fill-ups
    • Full width nozzle effectively cleans in forward and reverse getting each side of the carpet fiber
  2. Cord Length 25 Feet
    Bagless Yes
    Filtration Features Replaceable
    Motor Amps 5.2 Amps
    Dry Nozzle Brush Type Standard Brushroll
    Nozzle Width 11 Inches
    Assembly Required Screw Driver
    Clean Water Capacity 1 Gallon(s)
    Dirty Water Capacity 1 Gallon(s)
    Product Weight 12 Pounds
  3.   Item Category Price Quantity
    Carpet & Rug Shampoo 64 oz. 1700912044
    Carpet & Rug Shampoo 64 oz.
    Cleaning Solution $19.40
    Pet Stain & Odor Remover 3115360000
    Pet Stain & Odor Remover
    Cleaning Solution $8.41
    Lower Handle Screw Assy 2710673600
    Lower Handle Screw Assy
    Fasteners $1.47
    Valve/tank Adapter Screen 1700595600
    Valve/tank Adapter Screen
    Fasteners $0.36
    Foam Filter for Easy Steamer Extractor 1700750600
    Foam Filter for Easy Steamer Extractor
    Filters $4.25
    Dirty Water Tank 9700701Q00
    Dirty Water Tank
    Plastic Parts $51.21
    Clean Water Tank 2710801700
    Clean Water Tank
    Plastic Parts $16.75
    Cw Fill Cap Assembly 2700805B00
    Cw Fill Cap Assembly
    Plastic Parts $5.82
    Hose Door Assembly 2700755Q00
    Hose Door Assembly
    Plastic Parts $3.64
    Dw,carry Handle 1700730600
    Dw,carry Handle
    Plastic Parts $2.78
    Base, Belt Cover 1700115600
    Base, Belt Cover
    Plastic Parts $2.73
    Spray Plate Assembly 2700150600
    Spray Plate Assembly
    Plastic Parts $1.16
    "Dw, Cover Latch" 1700735B00
    "Dw, Cover Latch"
    Plastic Parts $0.96
    Cord Hook 540611001
    Cord Hook
    Plastic Parts $0.29
    Tube-Valve To Spray Bar 1700567600
    Tube-Valve To Spray Bar
    32 oz. Protectant 3115216000
    32 oz. Protectant
    Cleaning Solution
    Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo for Pet Stains & Odors 3115362000
    Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo for Pet Stains & Odors
    Cleaning Solution
    32 oz. Pre-treat 3115213000
    32 oz. Pre-treat
    Cleaning Solution
    Screw, #5 Head 1700155000
    Screw, #5 Head
    Screws 1700130000
    Handle Lock Spring 1700142000
    Handle Lock Spring
    "Latch, Spring" 1700140000
    "Latch, Spring"
    Nla Handle Screw Assembly 2700670600
    Nla Handle Screw Assembly
    Nla Screw 1710672600
    Nla Screw
    Nla "Dw, Carry Handle Clamp" 1700732B00
    Nla "Dw, Carry Handle Clamp"
    Wbd Motor Assy. (Service Only) 9710212000
    Wbd Motor Assy. (Service Only)
    Upper Handle Assy 9710114600
    Upper Handle Assy
    Plastic Parts
    Cord Hook 1720120600
    Cord Hook
    Plastic Parts
    "Base, Handle Lock" 1700135B00
    "Base, Handle Lock"
    Plastic Parts
    Wbd Switch Plate Assy. (Single) 2710551600
    Wbd Switch Plate Assy. (Single)
    Plastic Parts
    Port Hose Conn./Valve Assy. 2700575700
    Port Hose Conn./Valve Assy.
    Plastic Parts
    "Lower Handle, Pivot Rings" 1700510000
    "Lower Handle, Pivot Rings"
    Plastic Parts
    Valve Adapter Plate 1710580000
    Valve Adapter Plate
    Plastic Parts
    Base Assembly 2710100600
    Base Assembly
    Plastic Parts
    Wbd Fan Assembly 2710240600
    Wbd Fan Assembly
    Plastic Parts
    Lower Handle Assy. 9710501600
    Lower Handle Assy.
    Plastic Parts
    Lower Handle - Bottom 1710502600
    Lower Handle - Bottom
    Plastic Parts
    Nla Clean Water Handle 1700860600
    Nla Clean Water Handle
    Plastic Parts
    "Base, Motor Cover" 1700125600
    "Base, Motor Cover"
    Plastic Parts
    Wbd Middle Wire Harness Assy 1710532000
    Wbd Middle Wire Harness Assy
    Power Cords
    "Power Cord,25'" 1700542600
    "Power Cord,25'"
    Power Cords
    Wbd Upper Wire Harness Assy 1710530000
    Wbd Upper Wire Harness Assy
    Power Cords
    Motor Mount Rear 1700210600
    Motor Mount Rear
    Fan Hsg Dw Seal 1710230600
    Fan Hsg Dw Seal
  4. Warranty

    Parts 2 Year(s) Motor 2 Year(s)


    There is more than one manual associated with this cleaner. Please check your MFG/FABRICATION CODE on the data label of your cleaner. You can find the data label on the lower back or underside of your cleaner. The middle two numbers represent the year in which your cleaner was manufactured. For example, you may see a code such as A11B. In this case, 2011 would be the year your model was manufactured.

    Select the manual revision closest to the year your model was manufactured. If there is no date or you are unsure, select the most recent manual revision or call customer service at (800) 321-1134 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. EST Monday - Friday or Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. EST.

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