Professional Grade Bagless Upright

Power Streak

Power You Can See!

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Warranty: Parts 4 Year(s) Motor 6 Year(s)

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  1. The Power Streak Bagless Upright comes with our Patented Bagless Technology, which means no more bags to buy! Clean up is a breeze with the easy-to-empty, large capacity dirt container. The powerful 12 amp motor creates strong suction power - sure to pick up all the dirt and debris on your carpeted surfaces. The Universal HEPA Filtration process traps over 99% of dust and allergens.

    Notable Features:

    • Durable Aluminum Construction.
    • Ready-to-Use Deluxe Stretch Hose and On-Board Tools.
    • On-Board Turbo Tool™.
    • 35 foot cord.
    • Multiple Height Adjust.
  2. Headlight Yes
    Cord Length 32 Feet
    Bagless Yes
    Filtration HEPA
    Filtration Features Replaceable
    Hose Length 8 Feet
    Hose Type Deluxe Stretch
    Motor Amps 12 Amps
    Brushed Edge Cleaning Yes
    Bumper Type Scuff Guard
    Dirt Path Center Dirt Path
    Dry Nozzle Brush Type Motorized Brushroll
    Height Adjustment Multiple
    Nozzle Width 15 Inches
    Assembly Required Screw Driver
    Belt Type Style 12
    Product Weight 23 Pounds
    Tools Included Air Powered Hand Tool, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool
    Wand Yes
  3.   Item Category Price Quantity
    Style 12 Belt (2 Pack) 3910355001
    Style 12 Belt (2 Pack)
    Belts $4.48
    Bulb 1920906000
    Electronic/Electrical Parts $0.86
    Body Screw 1503819000
    Body Screw
    Fasteners $0.17
    F1 HEPA Filter 3JC0280000
    F1 HEPA Filter
    Filters $21.39
    Cleanstream Hepa 110 Media 2JC0360000
    Cleanstream Hepa 110 Media
    Filters $19.37
    Extension Wand 1863365600
    Extension Wand
    Plastic Parts $3.52
    Dusting Brush 2JC0255600
    Dusting Brush
    Plastic Parts $2.12
    Dirt Cup Latch 1UC0104000
    Dirt Cup Latch
    Plastic Parts $1.34
    Lower Tool Caddy 1UC0140000
    Lower Tool Caddy
    Plastic Parts $1.34
    Nla Cog Belt For 2Utt000000 1UTT020000
    Nla Cog Belt For 2Utt000000
    Handle Screw 1UC0005000
    Handle Screw
    Screw, Lens 1089507000
    Screw, Lens
    Nla  End Cap 1910380000
    Nla End Cap
    Bushing 1910298000
    Wbd  Motor Assembly 1JE1120000
    Wbd Motor Assembly
    Dirt Cup 1UC0100000
    Dirt Cup
    Plastic Parts
    Nozzle Base 1UC0200000
    Nozzle Base
    Plastic Parts
    Handle Cover 1UC0010000
    Handle Cover
    Plastic Parts
    Upper Tool Caddy 1UC0012000
    Upper Tool Caddy
    Plastic Parts
    Height Adjust Knob 1UC0224000
    Height Adjust Knob
    Plastic Parts
    Nozzle Guard Assembly 2UC0201000
    Nozzle Guard Assembly
    Plastic Parts
    Crevice Tool 1UC0020000
    Crevice Tool
    Plastic Parts
    Rear Wheel 1LC0095600
    Rear Wheel
    Plastic Parts
    Tool Caddy Latch Clamp 1UC0015000
    Tool Caddy Latch Clamp
    Plastic Parts
    Cord Hook 1UC0142000
    Cord Hook
    Plastic Parts
    Lower Wand Support 1UC0150000
    Lower Wand Support
    Plastic Parts
    Nla Wheel Cap 1UC0240600
    Nla Wheel Cap
    Plastic Parts
    Wbd Dirt Passage Door 1UC0213000
    Wbd Dirt Passage Door
    Plastic Parts
    Nla Inlet Gasket 1UC0007000
    Nla Inlet Gasket
    Nla Turbo Tool Lock Nut Ring 1UTT030000
    Nla Turbo Tool Lock Nut Ring
    Dirt Tube Upper Gasket 1UC0107000
    Dirt Tube Upper Gasket
    Nla Dirt Tube Lower Gasket 1UC0009000
    Nla Dirt Tube Lower Gasket
  4. Warranty

    Parts 4 Year(s) Motor 6 Year(s)


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    Power Streak


    Professional Grade Bagless Upright

    Sale $119.99