Easy Push Swivel Casters for Superior Manueverability

Swivel Glide Bagged Upright

Easy Push Swivel Casters for Superior Manueverability


Warranty: Parts 2 Year(s) Motor 2 Year(s)

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  1. The Dirt Devil® Swivel Glide® comes with a powerful 12 amp motor to clean away dirt, dust and pet hair.

    Patented Swivel Casters™ make the Swivel Glide easy to push and turn on even the deepest pile carpet.

    Onboard tools allow for effortless cleaning of curtains, upholstery, furniture and more.

    Dirt Devil's MicroFresh Filtration System helps trap more than 99% of dust and allergens making it a little easier to breathe for allergy sufferers.

    The Swivel Glide has Dirt Devil's patented MotorGuard® system, which protects the powerful 12-amp motor from damage. Air and dirt bypass the motor and fan and go directly into the dirt container, so your upright won't be damaged if you vacuum up larger debris.

  2. Filtration Microfresh
    Motor Amps 12 Amps
    Assembly Required Screw Driver
  3.   Item Category Price Quantity
    Assembly, Brush Roll 2863050000
    Assembly, Brush Roll
    Agitator Brushes And Bristles $32.40
    Brushroll Assembly 2863005000
    Brushroll Assembly
    Agitator Brushes And Bristles $21.84
    Style 4 1540310001
    Style 4
    Belts $3.36
    Bulb 1920906000
    Electronic/Electrical Parts $0.86
    Screw 1720430000
    Fasteners $0.17
    Screw 1250100000
    Fasteners $0.17
    Type U Microfresh (3 Pack) 3920750001
    Type U Microfresh (3 Pack)
    Filter Bags $6.41
    Microfresh Exhaust Filter, Front Panel 1863122000
    Microfresh Exhaust Filter, Front Panel
    Filters $4.85
    Microfresh Filter,bag Chamber 1863118000
    Microfresh Filter,bag Chamber
    Filters $4.48
    Bag Chamber Filter 1863115000
    Bag Chamber Filter
    Filters $1.56
    Filter, Support 1863420600
    Filter, Support
    Plastic Parts $14.56
    Extension Wand 1402803600
    Extension Wand
    Plastic Parts $5.82
    Nozzle Guard 1PA0110600
    Nozzle Guard
    Plastic Parts $4.00
    Tool Caddy 2863175600
    Tool Caddy
    Plastic Parts $3.64
    Dusting Brush 2JC0255600
    Dusting Brush
    Plastic Parts $2.12
    Crevice Tool 1920035600
    Crevice Tool
    Plastic Parts $1.71
    Latch, Front Panel 1863147600
    Latch, Front Panel
    Plastic Parts $1.34
    Nla Replaced By 1540310001 Belt 1863311600
    Nla Replaced By 1540310001 Belt
    Nla  Motor Grommet 1863105600
    Nla Motor Grommet
    Nla Bumper, Scuff Guard" 1PA0135B00
    Nla Bumper, Scuff Guard"
    Assembly, Caster 2863038600
    Assembly, Caster
    Wbd Neon Indicator Lamp 1863168000
    Wbd Neon Indicator Lamp
    Electronic/Electrical Parts
    Switch 1860081000
    Electronic/Electrical Parts
    Nla  Lead 1PA0180600
    Nla Lead
    Electronic/Electrical Parts
    Nla Socket Assembly W/Diode 1863221000
    Nla Socket Assembly W/Diode
    Electronic/Electrical Parts
    Nla Clear Lower Hose 1PA0170Q00
    Nla Clear Lower Hose
    Hose Assembly 2PA0405600
    Hose Assembly
    Nla Mtr,12 Amp (See Notes For M086355) 2630172000
    Nla Mtr,12 Amp (See Notes For M086355)
    Handle Assembly 2863235600
    Handle Assembly
    Plastic Parts
    Hook, Cord 1920015B00
    Hook, Cord
    Plastic Parts
    Lens 1864225000
    Plastic Parts
    Nla Clamp, Pivot" Clamp Type 1820351600
    Nla Clamp, Pivot" Clamp Type
    Plastic Parts
    Nla  Height Adjustment Assembly 2PA0160B00
    Nla Height Adjustment Assembly
    Plastic Parts
    Nla Handle Release Pedal 1PA0165B00
    Nla Handle Release Pedal
    Plastic Parts
    Nla Motor Duct 1863109600
    Nla Motor Duct
    Plastic Parts
    Nla Hose Connector, Base 1PA0105600
    Nla Hose Connector, Base
    Plastic Parts
    Front Panel Assy. 2863152J00
    Front Panel Assy.
    Plastic Parts
    Nla Motor Cover Assembly 2PA0195600
    Nla Motor Cover Assembly
    Plastic Parts
    Assembly, Mechanical Fbi 2864300000
    Assembly, Mechanical Fbi
    Plastic Parts
    Wbd  Back Panel 1PA0145600
    Wbd Back Panel
    Plastic Parts
    Nla  Strain Relief, Heyco #1832" Used On 2997125600&2997132600 1863130600
    Nla Strain Relief, Heyco #1832" Used On 2997125600&2997132600
    Plastic Parts
    Nla Adapter, Wand" 1PA0140600
    Nla Adapter, Wand"
    Plastic Parts
    Retainer, Hose Inlet 1863337600
    Retainer, Hose Inlet
    Plastic Parts
    Nla  Switch Pedal 1PA0155B00
    Nla Switch Pedal
    Plastic Parts
    Nla Powercord Svt 17-2,25'W/ Lockit Strain Relief 2997125600
    Nla Powercord Svt 17-2,25'W/ Lockit Strain Relief
    Power Cords
    Nla  Gasket, Motor Duct" 1863112600
    Nla Gasket, Motor Duct"
  4. Warranty

    Parts 2 Year(s) Motor 2 Year(s)


    There is more than one manual associated with this cleaner. Please check your MFG/FABRICATION CODE on the data label of your cleaner. You can find the data label on the lower back or underside of your cleaner. The middle two numbers represent the year in which your cleaner was manufactured. For example, you may see a code such as A11B. In this case, 2011 would be the year your model was manufactured.

    Select the manual revision closest to the year your model was manufactured. If there is no date or you are unsure, select the most recent manual revision or call customer service at (800) 321-1134 8:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. EST Monday - Friday or Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. EST.

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